Integrating with WBALite APIs

The Wired Banking management system offers seamless and easy-to-integrate API’s, which have been designed and deployed live on our website to allow fast and straightforward integrations with third parties and our partners using modern web technologies. One of such is Virtual Payment Collection and Internal Account Creation, Webhooks notifications, realtime account monitoring and restrictions tools, payouts, local and international, setup mandate advice, and access to Value Added Services (VAS), with various transactional channels such as WHATSAP BANKING, USSD CODE INTEGRATION, and so on, as it may help business operations.

Get started in 5 steps. in less than 24hours

  1. You need to create an account on Wired Banking Lite ,
  2. Fill your kyc form online to get Verified
  3. Pay your one-time setup fee $15
  4. Login to setup | Configuration.
  5. Generate  your Company API key and setup webhook.

We have arranged the API collection : .

View API Documentation.

Chat with us via whatapp for assistance 

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 All rights reserved. Made by Wobilo Africa Limited

 All rights reserved. Made by Wobilo Africa Limited

Wired Banking Africa is a registered trademark of Wobilo Africa Limited with RC No: 1732793 a duly registered legal entity. All Virtual Payment services are powered by Our Partner Banking; Providus Bank licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria. WBALite financial services is provided under a MFI & Cooperative License regulatory provision with registration number *RC:34343*.