Of Wired Banking Lite

What is Wired Banking Lite?

Wired banking Lite is  a Banking as a service platform (BAAS). A more advanced and upgraded version of the Wired Banking Africa deployed to changing and evolving demands.

Can i visit Wired banking Office?

Yes, you can. You just need to book an appointment ahead of time. To schedule an appointment or a demo presentation, please click here.

What Year was Wired Banking Found?

Wired Banking africa was Found in the year 2019, went live as a central system in 2020, and was registered same year in Nigeria and US.

Who is the Found of Wired banking Africa?

Chinedu Shema Emmanuel is the founder and chief executive of of Wired Banking Africa | Wobilo africa Limited and Smart Frame Network. with registered office at No 44/ 45 Fish Market. Purple stone plaza, Apo Resettlement, Abuja.

Why Wired Banking Lite?

It comes with premium features and gives you more control.


*We are affordable and reliable, secure with best banking tools in the market for every institution*

We offer pre-designed and Customized ATM card with your company name and logo..

The process of our system.. automate the daily operation of any financial institution be it: *( Commercial Bank, Mini Bank, MFB, MFI or Thrift Collector, cooperative society, Lender or Funds manager to operate like a digital bank … )*

We offer all banking services… rend from Creation of internal and Nuban Virtual account No that can accept payment from any bank or cash deposit, transfer or disburse to any bank, collection of payment, access to VAS product.. Email/SMS alert notification on each transaction.. mobile app.. and USSD access,

Customer are able to open an account with you online, Invest, borrow money, save money, and withdraw remotely into their bank account.

You are able to track every transaction with our accounting tools.

Automate all your thrift collection staff and exco,
Monitor realtime transaction from anywhere you are with your smart phone..

Did I mention you can verify your customer KYC ( BVN and NIN)

You can plugin to our system via API or use our friendly management interface..

While you relax and see your business grow.

👩‍💻Go digital today with Wired Banking Lite.

*To get start visit our website:*

1. Register
2. Complete KYC
3. Pay one-time setup Fee – $15
4 chose subscription plan.
5.Go live – start using.

*To continue using the system you just need to pay your monthly recurring subscription plan fee only.*

Let me know if you have any question

Or visit:

Can Existing Customers Migrate?

Yes they can, As long as their companies are validated

What are other fees and charges of Wired Banking Africa?

Welcome to Wired Banking Charges breakdown\ transparent fee

Note: this is subject to review time to time  and transaction charge apply only if addons features are used, (you only pay for what you use)…

  1. Kindly Note Wired Banking Does not charge it users any hidden fee.

    -Monthly Subscription -? ( depend on your package)

  2. Virtual account collection fee  = 1% cap N350 Max
  3. Bank transfer = N20 flat
  4. International  transfer = N1%
  5. Loan Credit Check – N50
  6. Transaction Sms = N3
  7. Sender Id DND whitelisting N10k – optional
  8. Automated payroll N20/ N30 flat
  9. BVN verification  = N100
  10. NIN Verification = N100
  11. Bills Payment – N70
  12. Physical Prepaid card ( Verve)  is now cap at N1000 flat.
  13. NGN Virtual card ( Visa) N1000 flat.
  14.  USD Virtual card (Master) N3000 $6 flat.
  15. Physical Card Maintenance
    Every 3 months N100 flat. this is subject to change.Order and Delivery
    You are able to request for as minimum as 20 cards.Bear in mind delivery fee apply.


  1. USSD activation fee  = N500          ( Ontime fee )
  2. USSD WBL string  = N10,000         eg: (*234*1*2#) — (Out of service)
  3. USSD shared N250k                        eg: (*234*1#)
  4. USSD dedicated N1.8M                  eg: (*234#) T&C apply
  5. USSD session N5 –                          (Per session, 20 seconds)


  1. Whatapp bot activation fee  = N500          ( Ontime fee )
  2. Whatapp bot session = N2                          ( Per session)
  3.  Dedicated own Number = N50,000           ( Optional )
  4.  Wired Banking Number = free                   (08187798227 say Hi)


How do we get support when we run into issues?

Our Team is available 24/7 to attend to your challenges and solve your problems// You can use our whatapp channel

Who can use wired banking Lite?

Wired Banking Africa is design for both New Startup and growing cooperative society, MFI, MFB, Mini-Bank, Thrift Collectors, individuals and Associations who seek to digitalized their Financial operation.

Do i have to pay setup fee?

Yes. to get started on Wired banking lite.. a setup fee of $10 is required. 
we accept payment via card or mobile money.

My country is not listed?

we are sorry too hear that, 
we can work, together to launch in your country , just send us a request specifying your country and your use case .. we will be glad to get started

What are the benefit of using Wired Banking Africa?

-Access to WBA Unlimited Banking tools
– Transparent/Affordable monthly fee
– Unlimited customer/member registration on all our packages
-Earn 2% of any amount of Airtime/Data Purchase by you or your customers,
– Earn N30 On each bills payments done by member of your cooperative
– time to time discount.
-Earn 20% -50% for any new cooperative you introduce to WBA after successful onboarding.
– Partner with WBA and earn upto – 50k to 100k monthly.-T&C apply.

Will my customer recieve sms alert with my sender ID?

– Yes! SMS alert are custom, this means you can use any name you want, you just need to send It to us/WBA team for registration.

What's Wired Banking Africa Termination of Agreements and Refunds Policy?
Both Parties have the right to terminate any Services Agreement for any reason, including the ending of services that are already underway. No refunds shall be offered, where a Service is deemed to have begun and is, for all intents and purposes, underway.
How safe/Secured is my Data with Wired Banking Africa?
We take precautional steps to protect your informations with us. All your transactions and users data are safely backup regularly in the cloud.
Is my Money Safe with Wired Banking Africa?
– Yes, your money is safe with us. We secure all accounts with the same high-security encryption used by regular fintech, funds are saved in our partners bank.

However we’ve recently introduced end of the day settlement, this means all payments made/received by your customers via online/e-banking channels will be settled into your opt-in settlement bank daily.

Will my staff be able to register new customer, Credit/Debit them and they receive alert?
– Yes, Your staff can register unlimited customers, Credit/Debit them, however for transparency and also to get your company funds safe, we made a provision for permission tools, with this you will be able to limit what your staff can do.
Will my customer recieve sms alert with my sender ID?
– Yes! SMS alert are custom, this means you can use any name you want.
Can i use WBA to Manage my daily contribution (Thrift & Esusu) business?
– Yes! you can use Wired Banking Africa to coordinate and manage your Savings and Loan business. Regiser all your customers , do deposit/withdrawal while they receive sms alert.
What happen's, if i refuse or forget to renew my subscription?
No need to panic, your data’s are safe, your account will just be temporary lock and will be unlock as soon as you renew®.
Is wired Banking Africa Software on Outright or only monthly subscription?

Both are available. only monthly subscription is public, you might need to talk to our team for outright purchase or setup.
+2349030306672,  +2347018179174

 All rights reserved. Made by Wobilo Africa Limited

 All rights reserved. Made by Wobilo Africa Limited

Wired Banking Africa is a registered trademark of Wobilo Africa Limited with RC No: 1732793 a duly registered legal entity. All Virtual Payment services are powered by Our Partner Banking; Providus Bank licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria. WBALite financial services is provided under a MFI & Cooperative License regulatory provision with registration number *RC:34343*.